New Indie Rock Single ‘It Never Is’ by Hawaiian Songwriter David Strong is all about being human

The song talks about failure, falling short, and the feeling of inadequacy that all human beings feel at some point in their lives.

The song started as a voice in the back of my head when the band I played in since high school started heading downhill. Leaving the group was especially bittersweet since every heartfelt lyric that I wrote and whom fans had connected with were never heard again after I left.

In every endeavor afterward, I always had a taste of success but never a full bite. I auditioned for bands that never replied, changed their minds, or told me, “you’re not the right style”. I worked with producers that broke their promises and never took me seriously. In my personal life, my relationship at the time was stressful and full of inequality and expectations. The disappointments continued to pile up, and I started to wonder if this was a string of bad luck or if it was inherently my fault that nothing worked out, and who I am as a person was not compatible with this world.

Part of my outlook on life is a result of my sansei upbringing (3rd generation Japanese-American). And while I can’t be perfect (as the stereotype between Asian parents and their children goes), I made it a point to take responsibility for the projects that didn’t work and to find projects that would. This evolved into writing a song, changing my genre, working with the right people, and eventually turning a song about failure into success.