The January 2021 issue is here..

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This Collectors Edition Music Magazine has been created as a time capsule for Indie Artists worldwide. 

Each edition has a theme that marks a time in indie music identifying the music creators, words from their heart, and reflects what’s happening in that month of music. From news shared by the artists to production tips and marketing advice, Indie Music Spin Magazine aims to present not only an informative read but an iconic publication that you will be proud to collect as an independent artist. 

Imagine sitting down with a cup of coffee, physically holding a book created by Artists. Then the Instagram address is included to reach out to them personally to have that connection go even further. 

The magazine is a premium quality print in full color shipped to the door of all collectors of the issues commemorating the artists of our time. All magazine sales will be put right back into the magazine, exploring ways to help New Artists thrive and be recognized for their work. 

Indie Music Spin magazine celebrates what it means to be an indie artist in this generation by giving them a voice and space where they can express their voice. 

Order your copy now : Available until January 30

All Magazine orders go to support this blog dedicated to the discovery and support of Indie music.

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