‘I Got Swag’ by Stackin Scoot brings the heat with a catchy hook and raw lyrics about expressing yourself! 

The song celebrates the idea that we, as humans, all have something significant about ourselves that is unique. As we go about expressing that originality, we all got swag! So turn it up! & Turn up!

We’re living in some tough times right now with the whole coronavirus thing! The release is significant because even though we’re living in a Pandemic, we have to find a way to still smile through these tough times and most importantly, not lose our composure. That’s where some good music comes into play but always remember to keep God first!! 

Right now, I’m working on another new single! I’m also excited about the new Stackin Entertainment merch in the works! As well as new music videos. I just got back from tour & working on a new album as well.

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