New Release: Hell and Back

Genre: Country, Traditional Country

Sounds like: Hank Williams, Johnny Paycheck, Charley Pride, George Jones

Located in: Burleson Texas, USA

This song is…

a real country song about real-life situations. The way the musicians play on the track is spectacular. They pour their hearts into this tune because the message is serious with a twist of humor. The song is about when a man cheats on a woman then later regrets it. Don’t go down that path, my friends!!!

The music we are creating is…

the direction of traditional country and back to the roots of artists like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash even some blues like BB King. Trying to pave the way for the old country in a new format! More challenging works of art that have longevity in the music industry.

I do this because…

 #1 I was called to do it. I’ve tried to give it up several times but it seems to hunt me down. I enjoy writing a song with a theme in mind kind of like putting together a movie but in 3 minutes maybe more. Creating something that is not there is fascinating to me. Taking an idea from the brain with notes and casting out there for the public to enjoy!!! Most of all its fun. Performing the songs before an audience is intoxicating!

The future… 

I’m currently working on a new album/EP for 2020. Very excited to get some fresh country music available for my fans. Currently doing gigs in Texas but recently played at the George Jones in Nashville. Trying to branch out in my touring even possibly UK & Italy.