Artist: Sleuth

New Release: Make A Meal Out Of You

Genre: Genre: Funk/Pop Sub-genre: Dark funk, dark pop

Sounds like: Portishead, Tori Amos, Amy Winehouse, Janelle Monae

Located in: Portland, Victoria, Australia

‘Make A Meal Out Of You’ is a dark minimalist funk song, with Sleuth’s characteristic vocals, laid over growling basslines, sexed-up Rhodes, and delicate percussion. Make A Meal is part of Sleuth’s highly praised cathartic debut album ‘Umbra Anima’, titled due to its themes exploring both the shadows and the light. Vocally Sleuth draws on her appreciation of Beth Gibbons, Amy Winehouse, and Tori Amos; instrumentally there are hints of Prince and NiN in the writing as well.

This song drips honey but has sharp teeth, hinting at the primal, sometimes predatory nature of relationships. Listeners have jokingly commented that the song is so hot that it belongs on a ’50 Shades of Grey’ soundtrack – so turn the lights down and the music up, but try not to get bitten. 😉

The music we are creating is… 

‘Make A Meal’ is a very special song to me. I wrote the lyrics over two years, during which my perspective on relationships changed dramatically. I wasn’t able to complete the final verse of the song until I’d worked through some really big issues and learned some big lessons about how humans behave with respect to relationships and lust.

I do this because…

making music is like breathing to me. There is not one day that goes by where I’m not singing or writing – it fulfills me, and gives me something to be proud of. When I perform I get to choose the best parts of me, my talent, and define them, and then share them with the audience. That’s a rare privilege that performers get – the opportunity to choose how other people see them. When I perform Umbra Anima, and the rest of my catalog, I get to tell a story, I get to say something about what I’ve learned. Making music that will live on after I’m gone is an incredible gift!

Right now we are…

 Sleuth has just capped off a massive year of writing, releasing two full albums – Umbra Anima and a funk album Fly By Design. I’m performing around South Australia and Victoria for the next few months as a soloist, and possibly a few festivals as well. Also, I never stop writing 🙂 Am halfway through my third album ‘Lux’, and excited about a few collaborations with that too!

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