Ghost U Like It I Love It is a 5x award-winning, newfangled, triple threat to the music and entertainment industries. Not only is he a business owner, artist, and producer, he has a wide variety of specialized skills such as- music and video production, choreography, and performing. After being signed to 2 other labels of the past, in 2014, Ghost took over the record label Adverse Effects in Canada; this prompted him to launch his own growing label. He has released, produced, wrote, rapped, and sang 169 tracks and counting. No matter what barriers get in his way, he will find a way to always bring the heat and breakthrough those barriers to bring amazing music to fans and listeners’ ears.

Ghost has brought the unique and true southern Flava (from being Texas born and raised) to the music table through his lyrics that will never bore. With having 9 albums released (Her, Her 2, Her 3, Living in the Moment, Music is My Mistress, Transformation, Mr. U Like It I Love It, In the Company of Two, and Cicada), you will find tracks to relate to but also hear the amazing talent that goes into the music from his hard work and late nights in the studio. No song, No album is ever the same; they are uniquely different and share a story. Ghost has creatively blended and mastered many of the music genres throughout his tracks and career. Nothing will stop or get in his way of transforming the music and entertainment business with his unique talents. Ghost is very dedicated, passionate, and charismatic, and I guarantee as he continues to rise with his talents and music, this will not be the last you of him.

A significant song to the new Album, “Are you still down” by Ghost u like it i love it Ft. LakeithRashad captures the challenges that exist in all relationships especially the Music industry. The artist asks questions about loyalty and measures how a person values those around them.