The GarageDogs’ are releasing their 5th studio album, “Beyond Good & Evil” in April. This sprawling record, their first since 2005’s critically acclaimed “Withdrawl,” finds the three Hough brothers looking back at their legacy and moving their sound and their subject matter into the present. After their father died in 2015, the Hough boys knew it was time to go back into the studio. The new record is full of poppy hooks, punky dancers, and country anthems, but with new wisdom and the added benefit of experience.

GarageDogs’ song “Space” has an early 70’s, proto-punk vibe that grabs you from the opening piano riff. The song is dedicated to William S. Burroughs, the famous junkie and Beat author of ‘Naked Lunch.’ Burroughs was as influential on the early 1970’s punk scene as the Velvet Underground were, and his writing directly influenced the VU’s “Heroin,” David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs,” and Patti Smith Group’s “Horses.” In “Space” the GarageDogs pay homage to the man and his writing while conjuring the music he influenced. The standard guitar/bass/drums arrangement is augmented by a blistering piano track and a vocal that bounces off the tricky, kinky lyric and finishes in a chorus of full-throated screams. The hope was to conjure the mysterious, spooky aura of Burroughs’ writing but to wrap it in a rock-n-roll shell.


New release: 
“Space (for william s. burroughs)”

Genre: rock, alternative, indie, punk,

Sounds like: Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Television, Iggy Pop

Located in: Boston, MA

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