“Risk everything, with no guarantee. That’s sacrifice.”

Growing up in a traditional Chinese­-Canadian

household where education was prioritized, doing

musical theatre while studying classical piano can

make you the black sheep of the family. Yet Gelsea

Mae’s strong ambition pushed her to pursue a career

in the entertainment industry; moving away from

her hometown of Victoria, BC on her own at a very

young age. “Nothing worth having comes easy, but

my perseverance is now paying off!”

Beginning as an actress, Mae never thought of

becoming a “professional” singer until about a year

ago, when she was going through a heartbreak and

started writing original music that it happened


In under a year, Mae has music sales in over 30

countries, a featured single on the Hallmark movie,

“All Things Valentine,” and a growing fan base of over

100,000 fans, which lead to her verified social

media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Mae’s

popular covers on her Instagram acquired thousands

of views and the attention of Grammy award winning

singer, Meghan Trainor. Mae aims to inspire

other young girls hoping to break into the industry.

After fans anxiously waited for new music, Mae

releases her first official single called, “Need You

Now,” to radio stations across Canada. She has

worked hard with some of the top professionals in the

music industry including Juno­award­winning

producer and songwriter, Ryan Stewart (behind

massive hits from Carly Rae Jepsen, Tyler Shaw,

Hedley, Simple Plan and Victoria Duffield). “Ryan

and I, feel that we have created some real magic with

“Need You Now” and we are very excited to share it

with the world.”

Away from the music scene, Mae has landed roles on

popular television shows including “Witches of

East End,” “Rush,” and is soon to be seen as “Leila”

on the new E! Network series, “The Arrangement.”

Mae had her film debut in the controversial feature,

“Beeba Boys,” directed by Oscar nominee, Deepa

Mehta. The movie opened Toronto International Film

Festival in 2015 and also screened at The 59th BFI

London Film Festival along with many other top

festivals around the world. Mae recently wrapped a

supporting lead role in the feature film, “The Fusion

Generation,” which will be released in theatres 2017.

Mae seems to effortlessly crush every single avenue

that she puts her mind to, including acting,

singing, modeling, writing, producing and

photography, where her work has been featured in

Cosmopolitan Magazine. “I’m all about creating my

own destiny and I think everyone else should too.”

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