With more than 9,000 view on youtube and 11,300 views on facebook, the newest video from Golden Duck Orchestra is bringing a smile to music fans on social media. This band is pulling out all the stops to get noticed.

On Sale…
is about today’s music industry or at least the way I see it. We are being bombarded with information 24 hours a day, so most of this data is disposable. In a humorous way, we tell people to buy our song quick, before they realize that we are a fraud.

The first version of this song was previously recorded in Portuguese
by my previous band. I really liked the music, but not the lyrics. So I decided to re-arrange the song and write the lyrics in English, and I guess it turned out much better than the first one.

The new EP already received some really good reviews,
and some people really paid attention to every single detail on it. Musically, it’s everything I wanted it to be: a solid rock core mixed with unusual elements, such as Brazilian music, electronic music, and even jazz. Lyrically, it contains large doses of humor, but (I hope) used for a good purpose.

{Behind The Music} Golden Duck Orchestra on ‘On Sale’ http://lsh.re/179QO



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