This song has a cool dirty beat and funky vibe that grabs you from the start. It’s got grit with a presence. Look out for this powerful new comer. She’s intriguing and making music that stands out.

Review by Jacqueline Jax AVA Live Radio :

Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dotty Blue is a true force in the dynamic and diverse world of Blues, Electronic, and Rock music. A multi-genre talent, the rising artist, is driven and psyched to win hearts and souls with a refreshing and soulful new release, “Leaving”.

Blending together the enriching and stirring genres of Blues and Electronic music, Dotty Blue’s new single is dominated by memorable lyricism and songwriting, which is bound to become a favorite for Blues and Electronic music fans. Dotty Blue’s music highlights the very polarities of life, dotted with highs and lows, delivered through striking and rhythmic compositions.

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