Alisha Liston releases ‘Hourglass’ Music Video

Hourglass is a song about persevering through difficult situations.  It also speaks to the fact that we are not always in control of the healing process.  Healing takes time.  

When Alisha first started thinking about the idea of creating a music video around Hourglass, she wanted her audience to be able to visualize the emotional suffering people go through when they experience incredible loss.  The feeling of being trapped and powerless against your own emotions; and, no matter how much you try, you can’t escape it.   

With the song and lyrics leveraging the analogy of an hourglass, Alisha and her producer, Idrise Ward-EL thought it would be great if they could somehow bring those concepts from lyrics to life.  The question was how?  Shortly thereafter, Alisha and team reached out to Nik Shaw.  

After hearing Hourglass and the plan for Beautiful Illusion, Alisha’s upcoming EP, he was onboard and the two began collaborating right away.  Ideally, they wanted to film the video on a sand dune in a dessert.  But, where?  There were so many things to consider – the heat, local wildlife coming out of brumation, the potential of recreation vehicles in the area, sand storms, etc.  Eventually, they decided to just go for it, and they headed out to the Mesquite Sands Dunes in Death Valley, CA.     

The rest is pretty much history.  We hope you watch and enjoy, Hourglass – Official Music Video

About Beautiful Illusion

Beautiful Illusion is the title of Alisha’s first EP.  It is due to release in August 2021.  Alisha wrote Beautiful Illusion as a way to help people (especially young people) persevere when they are faced with a difficult situation.  It is those challenges that are, in a sense, a beautiful illusion.  On one hand they can be very painful; however, they are often the catalyst in our development.  They give us the opportunity to grow and become stronger; and in that sense, those same challenges possess a beauty inside them.

Beautiful Illusion will consist of six (6) songs, plus a bonus track.  They are all very different in tempo and style.  Some are acoustic ballads, whiles others are fast-paced dance beats.  Together, they tell a story of the struggle and hope of the beautiful illusion. 

About Alisha Liston

Alisha Liston is a 13-year old singer, songwriter, actress and aerialist who was born and raised in Southern California. Alisha has been singing for as long as she can remember, and music has always been her go-to.  During her tween years, Alisha found it challenging to find age-appropriate music she could relate to.  This inspired her to start writing music that speaks to young people and the challenges of that age group. 

To date, Alisha has co-written and released about a half a dozen singles, and is currently working on her first EP titled; Beautiful Illusion due out in August 2021.  She plans to release 3 of the songs from the EP as singles.

You can listen to Alisha’s music on her website at  Her music is also available on most streaming music platforms including Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube Music.

Alisha Liston ‘Hourglass’ is a song about persevering through difficult times @alishaliston

Hourglass is a song about persevering through difficult situations, whether dealing with a broken relationship, losing a loved one, or just making it through finals week. It’s about knowing no matter what you are going through that emotional pain/grief doesn’t last forever. Healing takes time, and eventually the storm will pass.

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