“Don’t let go” is the first single off the sophomore album “Will See You Now”. We’ve also released it along with the music video. We’ll be releasing three more tracks in March, April, and in May. These tracks would also have well-produced music videos to go along with them. May 2022, along with the 4th track we’ll be releasing the complete album that would have ten tracks that include the already released 4.

Lincoln emerged in India’s underground music scene with alternate/Avante-Garde band Once Chosen in 2008. The band released a moderately successful EP ‘Superliminal’ via their Reverbnation page in 2009 disbanding soon after. Post-2009, amidst relocating between various cities and his hometown, and deciding to take his music in a solo direction. Doctor Lincoln started writing songs that would eventually become his debut album ‘Wallflower’. This was released on 14th May 2016.

A former Cardiac surgeon who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2018, the artist quit his practice after an altercation at work with a superior when he stood up for a patient safety issue that got brushed under the carpet. He quit pursuing music production full-time which he felt is more suited for his temperament. The doctor-turned-musician created an awareness campaign in 2021 for the inclusion of individuals with autism in India’s music industry.

Pop Rock single Don’t Let Go by Doctor Lincoln is a song about love and loss and asking for help in the midst of the resultant severe depression.


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