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Artist: Electric Enemy

New Release: Sweet Tooth

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

Sounds like: : Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Demob Happy, Tigercub, Yonaka, Muse

Located in: : London, UK

British Indie alternative rock band Electric Enemy Releases New Love Song ‘Sweet Tooth’

Artist: Boo Box

New Release: Self Destruct

Genre: Alternative rock

Sounds like: : Violent Soho, Blink 182, Pavement, the Pixies, Unwritten Law

Located in: : Queen Creek, AZ

Boo Box Self New Alternative rock single ‘Destruct’ encourages you not to dwell

Artist: The Song Tailors

New Release: The Wrong One

Genre: Easy Listening, epic ballad, cinematic soundscape

Sounds like: : This track is unique and a new sound for The Song Tailors, further demonstrating Ruth Picker’s songwriting breadth and abilities. It is a new collaboration with artist YAGO Music (Jakob Faber) showcasing his vocal warmth, tone and emotive style as he leads us through a compelling relatable story.

Located in: : Melbourne, Australia – Ruth Picker – songwriter (music & lyrics). Frankfurt, Germany – YAGO Music (Jakob Faber) – vocalist.

The Song Tailors The Wrong One encourages you to break negative relationship patterns.

Artist: Javiere Inniss

New Release: Away

Genre: Pop

Sounds like: : Lewis Capaldi, Dean Lewis, Ed Sheeran, and Jens Lenkman

Located in: : Naples, Florida

 is a self-taught musician, producer, and singer/songwriter who creates music inspired by artists such as ColdplayJack Johnson, and Bruno Mars. In his songs, Javiere talks about his dreams, goals, struggles, and past experiences for his audience to relate to and share positive messages. Known for his energy, the majority of his releases are powered with exciting Rock, Indie, and R&B songs such as the funk-styled Train Wreck as well as some softer songs like I Want To Be that are calmer to listen to and vibe.

Artist: Francis Skyes

Song: Won’t Let Go

Location: Canada

Singer-songwriter Francis Skyes was born, Jeremy Francis Dollemont, on the East coast of Canada. He started making music at a young age with his local church and went on to have success in 2015 performing as ‘Islove’, with his song “Goodbye” which charted on billboard top 100 around the world. Francis currently resides in Riverview, New Brunswick where he writes, records, produces all his music from home. Francis is a genre blend of Acoustic/Electronic/Folk with hints of Bon Iver, Shallou, RY X and Rufus Du sol.

Artist: Living Waters

New Release: Booze Blues Cruise

Genre: Classic Christian Rock

Sounds like: : Beatles, U2, Larry Norman

Located in: : New England

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: Be Like You

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Sounds like: : Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles

Located in: : Sidney Nebraska USA

‘Be Like You’ by Cabela and Schmitt is a sweet message dedicated to those people in our lives that we love and admire. We cannot live a good life on this earth if we don’t have people like this in our lives.

Artist: RW Smith

New Release: Alcohol Of Fame

Genre: Traditional country

Sounds like: : Alan Jackson, George Strait, George Jones

Located in: : San Francisco CA

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RW Smith Alcohol Of Fame is an unabashed look at life as we know it

Family, God, country, love, and heartbreak, all part of human existence.

Artist: Demxntia & Kid Travis

New Release: Obsession

Ending 2021 with CHAOS, this album release features fan-favorite artists like guardinfamilypet and Original God supporting indie-rock and electronic influences to allow demxntia to showcase his fluidity. Produced and recorded in 10 days, CHAOS is raw and unfiltered with inspiration from his own personal struggles with ADHD and Depression.

With over 250M+ streams worldwide across numerous platforms, Demxntia’s philosophy of perseverance and his many influences continue to shape his projects.

Artist: Greg Hoy & The Boys

New Release: Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell

Genre: Rock, Blues, Southern Rock

Sounds like: : ZZ Top (it’s a cover after all!), Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket, Alabama Shakes, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Located in: : Oakland, CA

Greg Hoy and The Boys New Release Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell: A song slow-burning, deeply moving 1972 classic ‘Sure Got Cold’ is about the pain experienced by loss and yearning after a break up.

Artist: Doctor Lincoln

New Release: Don’t Let Go

Genre: Pop Rock

Sounds like: : John mayer, Young the Giant, j p saxe

Located in: : Kerala, indiaê

Pop Rock single Don’t Let Go by Doctor Lincoln is a song about love and loss and asking for help in the midst of the resultant severe depression.

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: Among

Genre: Pop/Rock

Sounds like: : Coldplay, Pink Floyd or David Bowie

Located in: : Nebraska and Colorado

‘Among’ by Cabela and Schmitt embraces a new generation of humans

‘Among’ is about an experience we are having in our lives right now. As we grow older we realize that a new generation is in our midst. We love them, embrace them, care for them, and hope their future can be fruitful and bright.

Artist: Lyn_Sey

New Release: You’re Gonna Miss Me

Genre: Jazz Fusion

Sounds like: : Sade, Annie Lennox, Did, Cher, Sia

Located in: : Loganville, GA

Lyn-Sey’s new release can only be described as sexy, dreamy, and haunting. It has a 70s sound with a modern twist wrapped in a fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and blues.