The last month of the year most certainly brings many treats. From Christmas carols to party poppers, we’ve got 4 new music lists coming your way this month.

Featuring on our playlist:


Artist: Yehra

Song: On & On

Genre: pop

Yehra is a dream pop duo consisting of two modern age pen pals. Sending ideas over the Atlantic, Barbadian-Canadian singer Jen Mahon and Danish producer Rasmus Liebst have been working together for almost a decade – without ever having met in real life. In 2021, they emerge as a duo with their debut EP ‘Magnetic’.


Artist: Jex Nwalor

Song: Don’t Say

Genre: R&B

Toronto, Canada now Arizona based student and artist, Jex Nwalor might be a newcomer but his music is already making waves with over 3 million followers across social to date.

Artist: Ella Langley

Song: If you have to

Genre: Indie Pop/ Country

Armed with her unique blend of country and rock, an easy confidence, and always ready for a good time, Ella grabs her audience from the first lick.

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Artist: Marc Killian

New Release: Downpour

Genre: Rock, Alt Rock

Downpour is a fast-driving rock track about feeling lost or trapped. The song was written for a loved one who has gone through so much through the years. I see and feel the toll that long-term stress takes on a person. Depression and anxiety can be destructive forces in our lives. How can we overcome it and get out of the rain?

Artist: Esmerelda

Song: Jenny

Genre: Pop Rock


London-based artist co-produced by BROOKFIELD (Charli XCX, Anne Marie) and electronic artist Sølv. ‘Jenny’ features lively electro-beats, buzzing bass-lines and sinister synths carefully aligned against a bright handclaps and a compelling vocal. Could this be the lead single for a bigger project ahead?

Jenny is a song about being possessed by demons – literally or figuratively, it’s up for interpretation….in many ways it’s based on me.

Artist: Elaine Kristal

Song: Tested

Genre: Neo-soul

Elaine Kristal has oft been boxed in as many things: “the Puerto Rican girl who sings”, “that bisexual chick who wears baggy clothes”, “the loud, sensitive, insecure one“. It took years of self-growth and discovery for Elaine to find herself, but now her purpose has never been more clear: to break free from the noise and reclaim an identity that is no one else’s but her own. 

At the age of 6, Elaine Kristal (born Elaine Colon) was introduced to the sounds of Boyz II Men, Blackstreet, and Prince by her father; bred into the music that would come to shape her life, Elaine is a true vocalist through and through. Her songs offer a healing component, striking a harmonious balance between soothing and fierce, pacifying yet rousing. Influenced by the likes of Usher, Brandy, (insert a rapper or modern R&B singer), Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, and Def Poetry Jam performances, Elaine’s music possesses a classic-R&B quality infused with a modern bounce, crafted by a sensual individuality that shines through in every aspect of her personality.

“It’s a learning process”, Elaine says of her career trajectory. In the years since she began her career, Elaine Kristal has been tearing down popular New York City venues while being a steady hook-woman for various artists. Her live performances are noted for their captivating display of skill and charisma and her experienced vocals are ornate with a true sense of yearning. Roaring, remedying, and magnetic, Elaine Kristal is spirit come to life.

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Artist: Esmerelda

Song: TI’m Not a princess I’m a God

Genre: Pop

Esmerelda is a British-Afghan alternative pop artist, producer and creative director. Influenced by an eclectic roster of artists including FKA Twigs, LCD Soundsystem, Marina and Lana Del Rey, she writes music to concept, building narrative worlds through which she dissects her experiences. In doing so, esmerelda hopes to provide an escapist outlet for listeners to process feelings of isolation and heartbreak.