Jenny is a song about being possessed by demons – literally or figuratively, it’s up for interpretation….in many ways it’s based on me. I wrote it at a time where I was pretty overwhelmed and anxious. I had a lot of things I wanted to achieve, so I was experiencing this manic confidence. There are these 2 voices talking to Jenny throughout the song; the voice of her friends and family, telling her to watch her step and look after herself, then the voice of the demons telling her to press the self-destruct button on her own life. I haven’t decided if she’s evil by the end of the song, or whether she finds a home between the two forces, but it definitely ends in a powerful transformation.”

London-based artist co-produced by BROOKFIELD (Charli XCX, Anne Marie) and electronic artist Sølv. ‘Jenny’ features lively electro-beats, buzzing bass-lines and sinister synths carefully aligned against a bright handclaps and a compelling vocal. Could this be the lead single for a bigger project ahead?

Artist: Esmerelda

Song: Jenny

Genre: Pop Rock

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