Who would have thought a musical duo from the Grand Cayman Islands could produce such a surprising vein of Alternative passion and intensity.

Leading with one of their strongest releases to date,  “Other Side” is enchanting.  The soulful vocal delivery by lead singer songwriter, Anthony Verhoeven draws the listener into the warmth of Crown Colonys story. Both the acoustic and the traditional version are powerful and well worth adding to your personal music collection. The song clearly marks an important milestone for the artist who grew up in Hawaii singing Choir and cutting his musical skills after bands such as Alice’n Chains, Sound Garden and Nirvana. (

Artist Quote: “The song “Other Side” is about someone who is trying to communicate with a loved one from the other-side or afterlife. The lyrics give hope to those struggling with death and the sorrow that follows in that they are not alone and will be reunited one day with their loved ones on the “other side”. The chorus: “I’m the shadow always by your side, I’m the heartache void that beats inside. Let me go, now time to live your life, until I see you on the other side,” is a depiction of life’s journey that we inevitably all must face.”

“Another Life” featured both Rob Neesome on Guitar and Vocalist Anthony Verhoeven in a memorable Alternative rock love song that gives the listener the space to feel an emotional attachment to the music. The talented band walks you through a journey much like a trip down a familiar open road with an unexpected destination. Listening to the song, you feel yourself trusting the authenticity and appreciating Anthony’s deep commitment to delivering you a song you’ll want to sing yourself. Original download:

Opening with a signature guitar riff, “Ever” quickly slides into a harder progression that defines the bands love for the Alternative Rock genre. The guitar solo is short but effective leaving you thirsty for more. Perhaps that’s a great thing because I found myself searching through their inventory listening carefully for a more complete scope of Rob Neesomes skills.  ( download: )

Artists Quotes: “I believe that if a song can rip your soul out and make you feel something, then it deserves its time in the spotlight and to be heard.”

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, “Third Degree” is a truly beautiful rock ballad. I love the twists and turns that remind you of just how impulsive love is. The music challenges your emotion and measures up equally to heartbreak and that feeling of a true craving for another. Coupled with a mix of well crafted guitar and bridge building harmonies, this song is a classic right down to it’s lyrics. (download: )

“The Only One” stays true to the songwriters commitment to the love and heartbreak theme. A catchy chorus with skillful guitar creates the perfect environment for breeding super fans. I can only imagine what they would do with this song in a live stage environment. (download: )

“Shadow play” is a well written introspective on lost love.  The song carefully expressed the emotion while complimenting the bands style and defining the theme of the EP. I found his play on words to cleverly describe how regret meets the pangs of a great loss. (download: )

Crown Colony has certainly opened up emotionally to their music fans and created a strong passionate EP alive with sentiment and sincerity. I look forward to the next set to come and anxiously await to experience his next story.

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax
Music journalist & host of A.V.A Live Radio

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{Behind The Music} Anthony Verhoeven (Vocals, Guitar) Crown Colony

I believe that if a song can rip your soul out…
and make you feel something, then it deserves its time in the spotlight and to be heard.

I write songs that relate to my life…
or personal experiences that I know others can relate to as well. The most wonderful feeling is when someone tells you, “Your song changed my life!” Music is influential and one of life’s greatest gifts. I would love for the world to hear our songs and for them to be exposed to a much wider audience, as well as for us to grow our social media and followings.

I live in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands…
just west of Jamaica and south of Cuba, in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory or “Crown Colony”, is made up of three islands with a population of 60,000. The music here is very diverse and eclectic with people living here from all over the globe.

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Music Review by Jacqueline Jax
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