The Romantic Era on Thief

Thief was the most abstract song lyrically on the album.
The song is a statement on the emptiness one feels when they are left by a lover.

Our approach to recording our tracks is a little different because of the amount of members in the group. We allow for each member’s flavor to come through the record and that adds to our fusion sound. Thief started with a riff from one of our singers and we layered some piano over the top. Once we got the main verse vocal down, we enhanced it with the drum/synth piano. We wrote a hook over the same progression that you hear in the verse. We then flirted with several ideas for the synth drop until we landed on the “bendy” synth you hear now. I’m super pumped with how the final product turned out.

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(Behind The music) The Romantic Era on Thief

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