Time and Colors is the second ep released from Joseph Pagano following the successful debut of the “Graveyard of Dreams” which received critical acclaim by both music fans and industry. The new body of work, explores the artists creative boundaries and production skills.  Inspired by reading the classic Paul Zollo book “Songwriters on Songwriting and Paul Simon”,  Joseph embarks on voyage to embrace the true art of songwriting without a safety net. Purchase and preview all the EP’s here: http://goo.gl/WxJnPl

Artist Quote:
I was excited to be able to try some new sounds and rhythms on the Time and Colors EP as well as write songs that spanned from Alternative Country, to Americana, to Pop and Rock! Paul Simon talked about letting the song find you and exploring where an idea can take you, so I have been really taking advantage of that advice and using mobile apps like Hum to capture each and every idea so that I don’t lose them! I am also trying to write more songs with movement as they are really fun to play live!

“Time and Colors”, the title track of the EP is a beautifully written song that compares life to the freedom of an artist. Painting a blank canvas is like having the freedom to create anything that you have ever dreamed of. With agile guitar overlay, the song evolves into a perspective that is both inspiring and enchanting to it’s listeners. In the current time we live in, it’s nice to be reminded that we all have the ability to construct a life we envision.

Artist Quote:
We are all born into this world with a blank canvas and it is up to each of us to decide what values we place on the canvas of life – all we need is time and colors!  In one sentence I would say the theme that developed for this record is that “life is an art-form”. We are all born into this earth as artists with a blank canvas. We get to decide what we put on that canvas. All we need is time and colors to express who we are, what we see, what we feel, where we have been, where we want to go. When things don’t go our way we get to start over with a blank canvas. We all have choices and we know how artists are always making adjustments to their work and never quite feel done. So life is a form of art.

The EP also includes fan favorites including 16 Other Ways, Candles Hope and Faith (studio version), and a new version of the hard rock song Mamma Don’t Call Me Home.

“16 Other Ways to spend my time” is a fun loving tune that gets a crowd up off their feet dancing to the flirtatious lyrics and taunting melody. The song opens with a strong beat and fluttering acoustic guitar riff, provoking dynamic bridge. ( I also really enjoyed the live version with the magnetic Sax solo that you can’t resist.. Great stuff. – listen here)

A fan favorite, “Candles Hope and Faith” touches your heart as the artist paints the picture of two distant people a world away wishing on a the same shooting star. Starting with a simple piano and vocal, the story moves from the fragility of loneliness to the reality that two people can meet online and be a comfort to each other. Even though they may never meet, candles, hope and faith may be all you need to see what’s most important and endure lifes hurdles.

Artist quote:
“That song seems to transcend time even though it mentions the characters being an Internet apart and has a touching message about keeping the faith no matter what challenges life throws at you.”

“Life in a Bag” really proves that Joseph Pagano has a talent for turning the ordinary and overlooked into a life lesson that can actually ease your pain. For instance, describing the simplicity of a homeless man having all that he needs in a bag thus freeing himself from the complex issues we all face by surrounding ourselves with belongings. In the end the moral of the story teaches us to embrace the simple elements of life and leave behind the baggage that weighs heavy on our minds.

Artists Quote:
“Sometimes minimalism is the best form of art. Sometimes and maybe most of the time, simple is better than complex. What we see on the surface is not often what is underneath. The homeless man in the train station may be the smartest guy in the building. He was at ease and could fit his whole life in a bag. Most of us are anxiety ridden, rushed, full of unnecessary complexity and clutter. So again we have choices as artists in life around what and how much to put on our individual canvases and when to start with a new canvas.”

“Mama Don’t Call Me Home” is explosive with a driving drum beat and electrically charged guitar. It’s a raw and unusual sound for this artist breaking away with a bewitching ambience.

Artist Quote:
I used a combination of technology and creativity for this release. I migrated to a Pro Tools setup for about half of the songs and was able to use the power of the digital audio workstation to play around with arrangement ideas and various takes of songs. In particular I brought my hard rock guitar roots back and had fun jamming many versions of guitar leads and then picking the take I liked best.

Coming up next:
While it is great fun and you get full control I will look for more collaboration for the next record and plan to include some live band recordings based on the live performance mini tour of 20 shows that I just completed, some with full band, in September 2016. We god to play some really cool places like The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, The Bitter End in NYC, and Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ!

Artist Dedication:
I would like to thank the fans for the incredible support in person and online, my daughter and Creative Director Julia who looks after album art and branding, the incredible press coverage and promotion, the musicians I met on the road who taught me so much about live performance and equipment setup and usage, the clubs, and the amazing coverage from folks such as A.V.A. Live Radio who made it incredibly fun to interact with fans!!

Purchase the album : http://goo.gl/WxJnPl

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