Everyone is on edge; you have to be careful what you say for fear of offending someone and being ruined by the cancel culture around us.

As I thought about this last year with all that’s going on around the USA, the deep division in our country, not only politically but how we treat and respect each other.

One day I’m on Facebook when an ad popped up, it was promoting a Billy Graham sermon from 1989 called “A Cure for Heart Trouble” I watched it, and Billy Graham made sense, it’s in the Heart! That’s where we need a change! So I wrote this song and recorded it as a single, apart from my new EP.

I’m really excited about the video for this song! As things are beginning to open back up from the COVID shut down, I’m beginning to book some solo acoustic shows and looking forward to getting the band together for some outdoor venues in summer 2021.



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