Men Without Qualities is a power rock trio from Sweden that recently released their first single, ‘Beliefs.’

” Beliefs” is either a heavy pop song or a shrewd riff rocker, depending on who you’ll ask. The lyrics deals with humanity in our particular time and the beliefs and/or dis-beliefs we all depend on.

Right now, we’re trying to find our audience that we can connect with, hoping to share our love for music and together travel through a new musical landscape.

Opinions on Beliefs:
“The sound is something mixed from the past and the future; the vocals are so real and digs deep into your core beliefs. The fascinating story delves into our inner psyche and is a riveting listen that will have you staring at the sky and wondering how to improve yourself and be better. The vocals are raw, and the band takes us on an exciting ride into the unknown. This makes your heart beat a bit faster and is a bit scary at the same time.”

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