Singer Songwriters Cabela and Schmitt have a new inspired single out called ‘A Dreamer’. This song is a beautiful ballad reminding you to believe in yourself enough to trust in the future and leave the past behind. It is never easy to trust your heart and mind again after falling down. It is tough to believe that life can be good again. Cabela and Schmitt encourages you to be easier on yourself and although the past is often a part of our present, we should not let it define us. 

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A Dreamer

Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt encourages you to live, love and dream in a way that pleases not only God, but also ourselves.

Our dreams free us from being imprisoned in the past so you can move forward more freely. 

Sometimes we are so bogged down in what has happened in our lives that we struggle to escape that trap and we don’t let ourselves love the way God wants us to love. 

Notes from the Songwriters: 

The desire to master a musical instrument started for all of us back in our schooldays. After all these years we understand we never really master anything fully, but you come to an understanding of what you are capable of. 

Our inspiration comes from each other I suppose, and everything else we experience in life. 

I think in our early years mostly we were inspired by other music, but today everything that life throws at you becomes an inspiration. The most important thing is to understand and accept what God has given to you, learn to listen to that, and then move forward with the heart and soul in mind.

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