Computer generated music may be the wave of the future but it will never replace the talent of a skilled songwriter who can tell a story on a melody that’s both relatable and memorable. Jacqueline Jax is a radio show host and curator of the best talent in the music industry. She focuses on uncovering indie artists who have a special ability to create music that tell the stories of our lives in ways that will last decades.

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The Dirty Doves – Lucky Penny

Retro Soul Blues, Indie Rock

We recorded this song after rehearsing for a show one night. One of us started playing the riff and the other spat out some lyrics with some good vibing thought behind it. We shot a music video that’s on our Dirty Doves YouTube page up in Alexandria Bay with our friend, Mitch at Exit World Films. All in all, this song has really brought to light who The Dirty Doves really are. We hope you enjoy!

Kayden McCarthy – Vulnerable

Genre:  Contemporary R&B, Electro Pop, Commercial

This one jams in an edgy, soulful, sexy and fierce way. I actually feel cooler for listening to it. I’m surprised I don’t hear more tracks in this vein. I used to and they are so great to have on a playlist. I’m adding this one to my Curators Monthly Picks. 

The Best In Me – The Song Tailors

A beautiful romantic ballad sung by Liam Isaac (from Toronto in Canada) and Muireann McDonnell (from Dublin in Ireland) written by Ruth Picker and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Sadie Fine – Use Me

Released by: Sign From The Universe Entertainment

Genre: Commercial, Singer Songwriter, Alt Pop

“Use Me” is the second single off my first EP entitled “Grow Up”. I wrote “Use Me” when I was only 14 years old. I was watching a TikTok where a girl was describing a toxic relationship where the guy she liked just used her, but in a way she was ok with it. The pain inspired me and you can hear it in the song. I hope you enjoy this beautiful yet painful song!

Cabela and Schmitt – Wondering

The song is soothing with nostalgic tones further supporting a reflective theme that infuses well with the melodic chorus and lyrical content. I enjoyed the harmonies. They have such a wonderfully pleasing tone in a chaotic world. Thankfully Cabela and Schmitt are always there bringing us music that makes us feel less alone.

Tiffany Thompson- Simulation Love

Music Genre: Alternative, Electronic
Vibe: Moody, dance

Tiffany Thompson’s ‘Simulation Love’ is a modern day love song with a compelling melody and elegant ethereal tone. Tiffanys vocal is fabulous with a lush delicate delivery that grabs you from the start. The song flows nicely throughout with beautiful landscape of sound and rhythmic progression. Brett William on piano adds an element of surprise and delights you with his beautiful yet light sprinkle of chime. This song is a real treasure.

It’s Butter –  Still In Love

Genre: Neo-Soul, FunkPop Rock

The perfect post-break up jam to boogie down while you cry to. It’s Butter just released the perfect sad girl indie funk rock post-breakup banger; perfect to dance to while you cry about your toxic ex. It’s Butter is a Southern California based alt-rock band creating happy music for anxious people.  

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