Songwriters have the ability to turn life lessons and experiences into songs. For some, they write what they know while others, feel compelled to share the stories of others. Either way it is due to the romanticization of love and loss. It’s not easy to reflect your innermost thoughts on paper with pen but one songwriting team who’s putting a voice to our lives is the song writing team Cabela and Schmitt. 

Their songs are the compilation of all experiences in a person’s life from romance to finding your path. Cabela and Schmitt says the things that need saying and create song stories that teach lessons to generations of listeners. 

The music they are creating often has nostalgic elements appealing to a wide audience. They understand the power of great lyrics in telling a story and it’s through their music that people can come together and relate to each other more honestly. 

Listen to their music below…

Cabela And Schmitt Finishes Out The Year With A Beautiful Song About Reflection Called ‘Wondering’

Cabela and Schmitt finishes out the year with a beautiful song about reflection. The song is soothing with nostalgic tones further supporting a reflective theme that infuses well with the melodic chorus and lyrical content. I enjoyed the harmonies. They have such a wonderfully pleasing tone in a chaotic world. Thankfully Cabela and Schmitt are always there bringing us music that makes us feel less alone. 

Wondering is really all about those relationships we’ve all had with other people, that maybe we never did quite figure out or understand at the time. We all at times reflect on these past relationships and sometimes we might find ourselves still trying to make some sense out of these past unknowns. At the very least we try to take all the positives we can throughout our life relationships, and attempt to let go of as much of the negative as we possibly can, and continue to live on. 

Songwriters Cabela and Schmitt marks another cog in the wheel with ‘Game is On’

My favourite part of this single is the chorus. It has that nice 80’s nostalgic Phil Collins feel.  GAME IS ON is a love story about a couple who are afraid to make the commitment to one another. So, the game is on and the game is off, but only the future will tell the tale. It’s a soulful song with tinges of old school R&B/Soul mixed with a little rock flavour.

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