Browsing around Spotify, I ran across this high energy cheeky female artist named Penny Lame. Nashville has sprouted some great talent so it’s no wonder that where this powerful sassy girl grew up but imagine my surprise when I heard her expressive driven new single ‘Lipstick’.

Listen for yourself:

Growing up in Nashville, TN, Gracen Hill wasn’t allowed to be Penny Lame. She was someone else. Not knowing where she fit in, the boys would make her cry and she expressed herself by filling up her school notebooks with lyrics and scribbling songs all over her hands. She remembers singing “Phenomena” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and wanting to be Karen O more than anything. This aesthetic did not fit in with the Nashville scene 15 years ago. 

When Gracen turned 20, she got a publishing deal, dropped out of college, and got signed with a label. Cool story, but in classic female in the music industry fashion she ended up getting taken for a ride and steered away from the music she loved. They had her writing cookie cutter pop and she never saw a dime for any of it. A few years later, Gracen parted ways with the music industry after handing over her identity, her name, and her music. 

There was an imposter syndrome that kicked in full force as a longing for childhood sent her spiraling back to the days of writing lyrics up and down her arms. She was reborn as Penny Lame – a fully independent artist in control of her own destiny and ready to melt your face off.

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