Artist: Vista Heights

New Release: About 600 Days (Single), Vista Heights One (Album)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Sounds like: : Boston, Styx, .38 Special, REO Speedwagon, Rush, Dan Fogelberg

Located in: : El Paso, Texas, United States

 “About 600 Days” is the first single by Vista Heights, and is the brainchild of Nick Callender, the group’s sole songwriter and frontman. The song is a story of separation, longing. and asserts that even across great distances, love is real and felt… even if only in memory. Backed by a rock ensemble that likens itself to “oldies” bands like Boston, Styx, and other greats, Vista Heights sought to blend the best elements of the classic rock genre into its masterpiece with powerful harmonies, beautiful guitar duets, riffing synths, and an emotional melody bringing Nick Callender’s story to the forefront of the band’s set. The style is a “tip the hat,” so to speak, to his many of his influences.

Tell us about your band.. 

Vista Heights is a band project formed by Nick Callender of Sierra Vista, Arizona. Nick Callender is a serving soldier in the United States Army out of El Paso, Texas, and though he is passionate about Army life, his time away is spent buried in the studio. A blend of essential elements from Nick Callender’s musical childhood, the band’s style is comprised of rock’s most iconic traits, from powerful vocal harmonies to wailing organs, to guitar duets and instrumentals. Both a creative outlet and method of spotlighting some of rock’s greatest energies and sounds, Vista Heights is Nick’s professional culmination of old-time writing and local talent. The band remains active in studio production, working on material for a follow-up EP and LP to their debut, “Vista Heights One.”

Why do you love to create music?

My love for creating music comes from a family history of musicianship. Growing up in awe of the art, I’d established early-on that no matter my situation or ability, my creative outlet would be one that could spread all the love, emotions, chills, and wonder that I felt each moment I listened in to my favorites.

What’s coming up?

Vista Heights is at the very beginning of a collaborative and developing journey into progressive rock. The band, having just released its first album, is currently working both a follow-up EP and a complete second record. Though complementary to the first, the new projects will aim to take every element of Vista Heights’ songwriting to the next level. Whether it be added complexity in vocal harmony, guitar soloing, lyrics, structure, or all of the above, no song will be like the other, and no concept the same.

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