Valère Géron – You Don’t Want My Heart

Release date: Sep 01, 2022

Retro Soul, Neo-Soul, Surf Rock

Similar artists: Amy Winehouse, The Gorillaz, The Police

“My debut single “You Don’t Want My Heart” releasing on September 1st. ” Singer-songwriter, 27 year old born Dutchman, currently based in Sweden.

Géron’s debut single “You Don’t Want My Heart” is a mindful composition that intentionally draws on a combination of contemporary and classic elements to create a cheerfully upbeat track while simultaneously being brutally raw and honest.

The song’s defining sound and overall composition were inspired by Amy Winehouse’s 2006 album “Back To Black” while also pulling from bands like The Gorillaz, The Beach Boys, The Police and The Coral. These varied influences give “You Don’t Want My Heart” depth, delivering a song full of retro-soul grit that will guarantee to get you off your seat. 

“You Don’t Want My Heart” begs to be heard live, charging forward with a measured yet infectious energy which is not in the least place driven by the characteristic Motown snare and the “in your face” pounding bassline that the song opens with right out of the gate. The catchy and easy-to-sing-along melodic lines, backed up by layers of backing vocals, float through the verses and the pre-chorus, to then erupt into a big and powerful chorus that the audience will be stuck in their heads with for days after. Slick production, a backing vocal drenched chorus, and hard-hitting lyrics make this song the dark-edged banger you never knew you needed. 


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