Artist: Resa Anna

New Release: My New Life

Genre: Poprock, Countrypop, Countryrock, Singer-Songwriter

Located in: : London, UK


3 years ago I had a life-threatening experience while pregnant with my daughter that changed my life. I would have lost my mind without singing to her while she was still in the hospital. Step by Step I pushed myself to get back into writing my own songs and recording covers. I gained confidence and soon send a demo to Ollie Robinson from Armistice Records/Abbey Road Studio to see if we can collaborate on the song “My New Life”. This song is all about leaving behind a sad time in my life and starting a new chapter workwise and music-wise. Listening to my heart and never let anyone take away my passion for music anymore. Writing this song made me realize what I overcame and achieved in the last years. This song is for everyone that has a hard time to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s about not letting people’s opinions stop anyone following their dreams & passion as life is way to short for holding back.

The music…
For 20 years (since I was 12) I wanted to release my own songs with my own terms. Back then there was no other possibility than through a producer or label or competition to get to this point. It shows that with dedication and hard work ppl can achieve life dreams, one set goal after another. Since my daughter’s birth, I always wanted to leave something for her behind that she can be proud of. Becoming a mum made me realize that in the past I always found excuses as to why I am not doing music on a professional level but my fiancee pushed me as he knows that a life without music makes me unhappy and I am thankful that he believed in me when I didn’t.

Right now we are…
I am planning to do a music video as I have to send this to the OpenMic UK Audition to get feedback before my official audition in September. I am already working on other songs as I want to release 3 more songs until May 2020.