After hitting its first 5k streams on Spotify, Tony Oso’s single on addiction has clearly hit home for listeners.

Driving his music themes from experience and emotion, Tony Oso fashions himself as a teacher of lessons through music setting out to inspire listeners with real life problems. “Going Down” is a motivational letter to those struggling with drug addiction showing there is light at the end of the tunnel. “Going Down” is about the many people I have witnessed getting heavily into drugs (pre-addiction stage) where their lives were heading down a dark path. This is my message to all of them to look in the mirror and turn themselves around before it is too late. Nothing good comes from them and they just aren’t worth it in the first place!

Artist: Tony Oso

New Release: Going Down

Genre: Alternative Rock

Sounds like: : Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Incubus

Located in: : Melbourne, FL

Right now we are…
Too much going on at once! If you have to pick one maybe: Practicing for my live act. Looking to start performing live in the Spring! I am also doing the following: 1. Preparing to release a new single in February 2. In the studio recording three new songs 3. Preparing for a new photoshoot 4. Making Lyric Videos for my next releases 5. Writing a concept for my first music video

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