Tommy Drinkard, a native Californian living in LA, has recently released his indie/americana single “Baton Rouge” to all major streaming platforms. The song has quickly gained popularity and streams since its release. In this blog post, we will explore Tommy’s journey in music, his motivations, and how he overcame obstacles to pursue his dreams.

Early Musical Influences

Growing up, Tommy was surrounded by music from both sides of his family. His Italian mother, who was also an activist, played Italian folk songs and protest songs with her friends and colleagues. His father and uncle, who grew up in Redlands, played in bands and had memorable blues-fueled jam sessions that had a profound impact on young Tommy. Witnessing the power of music and the ability to create something out of nothing fueled Tommy’s passion for making music.

Spreading Positive Energy Through Music

Tommy’s deep-rooted love for music stems from the positive feelings it has always invoked in him. His main motivation for creating music is to add positive energy to the world. He vividly remembers being inspired as a child by musicians performing and wanting to do the same. Now, he aims to inspire others and provide them with a good time through his music.

The Journey to LA

Ten years ago, at the age of eighteen, Tommy moved to Los Angeles with a burning desire to make music for a living. His journey wasn’t without challenges, as he faced band breakups and personal struggles with addiction. However, Tommy remained resilient and determined to pursue his dreams.

Overcoming Obstacles

For the first six years in LA, Tommy faced tough times. His band fell apart, and he developed a drinking problem that forced him to quit his teaching job and reevaluate his life choices. At one point, he even contemplated giving up music altogether. However, fate had other plans for him.

From Busking to Success

Tommy’s life took a turn when he crossed paths with a band called Water Tower, who would busk during the morning rush hour in LA. This experience opened new doors and allowed him to earn more from his music. Furthermore, during the pandemic, Tommy’s online streaming performances gained traction and success.

Living the Dream

Today, Tommy Drinkard is finally living his dream. He now makes a living solely from playing music, with residencies around LA, private parties, weddings, and even unexpected events like Katy Perry’s New Year’s Eve Party. His latest single “Baton Rouge” is a testament to his resilience, passion, and unwavering pursuit of his musical aspirations.

Tommy Drinkard’s journey from California to LA showcases the power of perseverance and staying true to one’s passion. Despite facing setbacks and personal struggles, Tommy never gave up on his dream of making music. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and reminds us that with dedication and resilience, dreams can become a reality. So be sure to check out Tommy Drinkard’s music and let his captivating melodies and positive energy uplift your spirits.