After capturing the hearts of audiences in Poland, Romania, Germany, Ukraine, and Austria with the hit single “Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)”, Crazy Loop is back with another catchy tune titled “Love Maria”. This glinting new single aims to become the next anthem of pop culture, evoking a sense of nostalgia for fans of 80’s music. Created by the talented Moldovan artist, Crazy Loop, the song’s music and lyrics were penned by him and Corey Chorus, with production credits going to the artist himself and Gabriel Huiban.

The Cinematic Video and its Inspiration

Accompanying “Love Maria” is an uplifting cinematic video that features the participation of nearly 3000 children from Ukrainian schools. Filmed in Kiev over a span of 10 days, before the war began, the video is a testament to the visionary direction and choreography of Crazy Loop himself. The artist has left his unmistakable mark on both the video’s concept and the character’s graceful movements.

The Rise of Crazy Loop

Dan Bălan, the creative force behind Crazy Loop, introduced his alter ego to the world back in 2007 with the release of the hit single “Crazy Loop (Mm Ma Ma)”. The character quickly gained immense popularity across Europe, spawning numerous impersonators and becoming a phenomenon in its own right. Renowned for his unique and unconventional style, Crazy Loop has consistently captivated audiences with his music and performances.

A Journey of Success

Dan Bălan’s talent extends far beyond Crazy Loop. As the founder of the band O-Zone, he penned many notable songs, including the international smash hit “Dragostea Din Tei”, which topped the charts in 32 countries and sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Over the years, Bălan has continued to achieve solo success as both an artist and songwriter. His international hits such as “Chica Bomb”, “Freedom”, “Lendo Calendo”, “Hold on Love”, “Allegro Ventigo”, and “Numa numa 2” have garnered widespread acclaim and earned him several awards.

“Love Maria” marks another milestone in Crazy Loop’s ever-evolving career. With its catchy melodies and a touch of 80’s nostalgia, the single is poised to become the next cultural anthem. Dan Bălan’s continuous artistic exploration and ability to produce infectious music reaffirm his position as one of the industry’s most compelling figures. As fans eagerly await the release of “Love Maria”, they can expect nothing short of an extraordinary musical journey that pays homage to the vibrant spirit of the 80’s.