Artist: Tiona Campbell
New Release: Scenic Route

Genre: Christian Country Singer Songwriter

Located in: Houston, Tx

We want to take the shortcuts in life but the longest way around can be such a beautiful thing. This song inspires you to take the journey, the scenic route in life and enjoy it. Savor those moments that you miss when you rush around. We all have those overwhelming times, I’m hoping that even the 3:43 seconds of this music will lift you and help you enjoy a few moments on your next drive out on a sunny day.

This is the first time I’m working with producer, Justin Klump. It’s also the first time I’ve ever recorded in Nashville, TN.

My inspirational lyrics are now intertwined with some of the best country music around. My studio band has toured with Hunter Hayes and plays with some of the greatest Country artists in Nashville such as Marren Morris and Carly Pearce.

Coming up…

I will have a new music video for my song “Scenic Route ” done by early November. Get ready to hit the refresh button.