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What indie music is being released Friday?

New Music Friday is a Global Release Day. The biggest reason a lot of artists release music on Fridays is because of streaming and charting on the Billboard. The music charts track sales from Friday to Thursday each week, so you are getting more sales by releasing on a Friday especially if the artist does a pre-save prior to the release.

Friday is the best day of the week to release music online, because it’s the day that most listeners eagerly seek out new music to stream and add to their playlists. Friday is also a day when most record labels schedule releases, to maximize on a full week of sales, thus making Friday a popular day for playlist curators to add new songs to their playlist updates.

Here are new music releases we think you should be listening to this week.

Traveler- Black + White TV

Traveler has an easy groove that sets the story well opening with simple guitar and vocal. A female vocal comes in changing the pace and adding a fresh perspective to the story with a range shift as the chorus comes into focus supported by drums and jamming guitars. Over all the new single “Traveler” from Black + White TV has great energy and catchy summer vibes. (avaliveradio)

Don’t miss ~ The Blue Stones

A band that doesn’t take the ordinary road. Don’t miss shakes off the dust with newfound identity after their sophomore album. The single is driven and edgy.

Agree- Jon Hannz 

From the new album ‘Amongst my Demons”, Jon Hannz tells it like it is talking about a bigger common problem in the world and the system that divides us. “Amongst My Demons” is a pure hip hop album not old school but a new school grown man music. A total of seventeen tracks as a smooth calm conversation that can be listened to and accepted as a message. (avaliveradio)

See me now- NBA Youngboy

Causing a stir among new music hip hop fans, NBA Youngboy is certainly grabbing our attention by sheer numbers. He’s releasing new singles at a record pace. Kentrell Gaulden (born October 20, 1999), known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again (or simply NBA YoungBoy), is an American rapper. He is best known for his song “Outside Today” which has peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The new single is another tumultuous gangsta track by NBA YoungBoy that aggressively raps about being a figure that cannot be canceled, jammed up, or blackballed.

Spitting off the Edge of the World ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Perfume Genius

The product of one of Yeah Yeah Yeahs most tuned in moments in the studio, Spitting off the Edge of the World is a slow motion fall into summers hot songs. first smashed into New York City’s music scene in the early 2000s, one of the singer’s signature onstage maneuvers had her downing a pint of beer only to spray it back out in a fine mist, like a dragon marking its territory. (Pitchfork) “Spitting Off the Edge of the World” is a classic YYY power ballad, where Karen clears her throat and sheds a tear in the face of impending climate collapse.

Alpha Zulu ~ Phoenix

This french band has their eyes on another Grammy with their eclectic sound that’s catchy with pop dance elements delivered in a unique way. It’s been five years since the last Phoenix album, 2017’s Ti Amo, and we haven’t heard much from the band since then, save for “Identical,” the one-off song that they contributed to the soundtrack for Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks. (stereogum)

Take the Wheel ~ Electric Enemy

This single is looking at mental health and taking control driven by rock guitars and a vocal with punk edge and catchy chorus.

With their previous releases, Electric Enemy started to build an ever-growing community of fans and supporters who already helped the band to become a new member of the ‘millionaires club’ with so far two songs achieving 7 digit streams on the streaming portals. 

‘Sweet Tooth’ was their fourth single from a series of releases that combined to form an EP released March 2022. ‘Take the Wheel’ is a followup on the Ep. for Summer.

Crash ~ Mokita, Charlotte Sands

A vibey summer pop single collab with soft whispy vocals set to a textured soundscape and reverb chorus. These two artists pair well on this new release that’s bound for greatness. Charlotte Sands has been on tour opening up for acts like YUNGBLUD, My Chemical Romance and The Maine with celebrating diversity and weirdness everywhere she goes.

Looking for a Home ~ Abby k: 

A singer songwriter style single honoring the loss of a good friend. A beautiful project put out by Abby K in honor of a friend and co-writer who passed away suddenly before he could see this song released. (avaliveradio)

Cabela and Schmitt: Eyes Wide Open

An upbeat single that encourages freedom of spirit and choice. This single encourages you to go for what makes you happy in life. Most people, at one time or another, wish they could be more carefree but perhaps it’s as easy as letting yourself dance around to a song. Eyes wide open by Cabela and Schmitt is a single that expresses that carefree attitude. (avaliveradio)

Want you Club Edit ~ MDMelo 

From the new album, MDMelo delivers a R&B/Soul/Funk 80’s feel that transmits hi-energy and positiveness in this classic club edit single. (avaliveradio)

The whole project of 11 tracks was produced at the MAudioLabs studio along with Francis as the singer-songwriter, Miguel Dinis on guitars, and the back voice of Miss B. The MAudioLabs studio project started back in 2016 with the aim to to produce music with a professional quality that would bring back the 80’s style feel into the current musical scene.