Welcome November, we have just filled our playlist with fresh new fall music picks. The weather might be getting chilly and the leaves changing color but that’s certainly no distraction for indie artists racing to get their latest single to press.

Here’s what we discovered this week.


Featured List:

Artist: Manuel Riva

New Release: Modern Love

Genre: Commercial pop

Located in : Romania 

Manuel Riva is a dance music producer and DJ. Though he was in the music industry for as long as he can remember, taking part in several successful projects for the time being, he only started the MANUEL RIVA project less than two years ago.

Artist: Sara Diamond

New Release: Alright

Genre: Electro Pop, Commercial, Adult Contemporary

Located: Canada

Over the years, Sara Diamond has crafted an incredibly unique sound, perfectly in tune with her enticing gift as a powerful vocalist. Blending her vocal strength seamlessly with her clever song-writing, her music has caught many ears and cap- tured millions of hearts all over the world.

With her last few releases, the indie-pop star has gained over 22 million streams worldwide on her own music and another 18 million on collaborations with the likes of Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA, Tyler Shaw, and several others.


Artist: Sarpa Salpa

New Release: Your House

Genre: Indie Pop

Located in: United Kingdom

Starkly juxtaposed with their quiet midland’s hometown of Northampton; Sarpa Salpa craft upbeat alt-pop bangers designed with the indie dancefloor in mind.

Formed by Marcus Marooth (vocals), George Neath (guitar) ) & Charlie Doe (drums) & with Meg Amirghiasvand (bass) joining in 2019, Sarpa Salpa began playing regularly in their local venues before heading to almost every corner of the UK, amassing a loyal following of fans.


Artist: Alvin Willis Music

New Release: The Ride

Genre: Pop

Sounds like: : Maxwell, Brain McKnight,

Located in: : Nashville

This song has a little bit of a Jamaican feel musically and artist wise there is a little bit of Maxwell, and near the end you will hear some Boyz ll Men. 

Artist: Keviene

New Release: How Can This Be Christmas

Genre: Pop, Easy Listening, Ballad

Sounds like: : There is no artist that is similar to me but there are some essence of the emotive style adopted from George Michael

Located in: : Crossville, TN, United States

This song is about a man who has lost the love of his live with whom he has always celebrated Christmas. 

Artist: Mick J. Clark

New Release: We Know It’s True

Genre: Pop

Sounds like: : Bob Dylan. Rod Stewart. Ed Sheeran. Sam Smith. Olly Muirs. Shane Ward.

Located in: : Croydon, Surrey. UK.

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