This song has a little bit of a Jamaican feel musically and artist wise there is a little bit of Maxwell, and near the end you will hear some Boyz ll Men. 

This song speaks to the times we are living in and Alvin Willis sings his pants off on this one with so much heart as he inspires our soul with his lyrics.

After dealing with the pandemic, you want to get away from it all; that’s what I’m talking about. Sometimes, the ride of life can be coming at you just a little too fast, and we need to get away, unplug and take a breath. Living in Nashville, I’ve noticed the older I get, the less I’m influenced by, the bigger named artists and the more I’m inspired by artists and writers of all genres, not just the ones that I’ve worked with but those I’ve listened to around town that is so.. gifted! It has helped me to bring out better the inspiration I’m feeling in my songs.

Artist: Alvin Willis music

new release: The Ride

Genre: pop

Sounds like: Maxwell, Brain McKnight,

Located in: Nashville

Alvin Willis Music ‘The Ride’ speaks to the times we are living in

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