Artist: The Rewind
New Release: Mystery Girl

Genre: Rock

Located in: : Lincoln, NE

This song is about a girl that captures your immediate attention when you’re out on the town. You have no idea what her name is, where she is from, or why she is here. She is, the “Mystery Girl”. When we wrote it, we were currently working with the chord progression that had a Latin flavor to it, and the lyrics were inspired by events that took place when we hung out together as a band one night.

The music we aim to create is…
something relatable to our audience from our own perspectives. We want to make music that people can feel and place their own interpretations on, while each song means something different to us. Music is our passion, and we feel music is medicine the entire world runs on. We would love the opportunity to keep providing our own “medicine” to people for the rest of our lives.

Right now we are…
Recently, we released our fourth music video for our song, “Daydream”, and we have current plans to start recording our second album in Winter/Spring of 2019.


Twitter: (@therewindlnk)
Instagram: (@therewindlnk)