Inspired by the Nordic Northern lights, the song takes the listener on a journey with lyrical and sonic imagery. ‘Step off the World’ featuring Irish singer Muireann McDonnell is Australian songwriter Ruth Picker’s latest release under The Song Tailors brand. The song is full of meaning, inviting listeners to explore and interpret the lyrics.

“I wrote this after watching nature’s majesty and beauty – the spectacular colors in the sky, reflected in the sea. The song invites you to step off the world ‘with me’, imagining how that would feel. I’m excited to welcome Muireann to The Song Tailors family. We’ve wanted to collaborate for some time. We overcame many challenges to record her remotely. She has an impressive musical background, including Ireland’s junior Eurovision representative in 2017. She’s well known on the Irish music scene, and we’re delighted to introduce her to our global audience. I hope you enjoy her warm, velvety voice as you step off the world with her” says Ruth.


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