Artist: Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion

New Release: Spy vs Spy

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Sounds like:  Down To The Bone, Fourplay, Fattburger, Pieces Of A Dream

Located in:  New York, NY

“Spy vs Spy” is the second single by Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion, a Contemporary/Smooth Jazz ensemble, led by saxophonist/flutist Warren Keller, featuring original, groove-oriented music. “Spy vs Spy” pays homage to the great TV theme songs of yesteryear- think ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’ “Spy vs Spy” is driven by an infectious sax and flute line that will have you boppin’! Though you might be looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re not being followed!

Every tune that we share with our audience is important. We try to straddle the line between C-Jazz and Funk. “Spy vs Spy” compliments our debut single, “Kickin” It,” also from 2019, in establishing the ‘Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion Sound.’ We want our tunes to be fun, yet provocative and slightly different than the rest- not just background music!

We create music because we have to. It’s the biggest and best part of us. Our leader/composer/producer, woodwindist, Warren says “I love to see a receptive crowd’s reaction to the saxophone- when they really connect with what you’re doing, and you’re playing directly to, and for them!”

Right now, we’re most excited about having locked-in the next single campaign, going for adds in February 2020. Early next year, we’ll release that single #3 (TBD), hopefully, to even better results than the first two records achieved!