Band Name: The Rain of Rap
New Release: Smile
Genre : Hip Hop
East Coast Rap Artist The Rain Synopsis: Born and raised in Queens NY July 8th 1981 Rapper the Rain the son of a Musician influence by LL Cool J, Run DMC, BIG, Tupac, Nas, Rakiem, Puff Daddy and Jay-Z Early Years Born Antonio Washington in Queen NY on July8th 1981 son of a Jazz
Musician Isaac Washington was raised in the South Jamaica Housing Project. He wrote his rhymes about his life staying on the positive note coming up in the projects. Inspired by his interest in writing, he finished high school but didn’t go to college and instead ended up on the mean streets of the South Side. It was there that people knew something different about him. Even though there was so much negative around him. He ventured off into the acting field in Commercials and Movies.

 Performed on stage at the Grammys ” In 2011 He produced a TV show “Kicking it With Rosie” In 2012 he produced his own show “On The Grind TV show with special guest Ice T & Coco, Shelia, Bugsy and Dr. Bob lee from WBLS-Radio, Rev Al Sharpton, Hurricane, Female Comedian S’more just to name few. In 2013 put out a single “It’s About To Go Down” It was acclaim as one of the Hoods favorite.
He performed shows around and out of NYC. he also was host vj for rep time radio , He always knew he had something special with lots of talent. 2016 He decided to come back into JMJ Recording studio with super producer Teardrop. Now he’s previously working on his new LP (Rain) with a Single to be released in 2017 Smile.