the ambition of Skyline – to inspire people while they tackle the trials of life. The track is filled with majestic drums, powerful vocals and angelic harmonies so the listener can feel empowered.

Since the age of fifteen, Hanna Vox has been writing songs and exploring different compositions by singing and playing the piano. Two years ago, she came in contact with Markus Göranson, a producer that has been in the music business for many years doing productions ranging from indie/alternative to platinum selling chart pop (Universal Poland). 

He came up to Hanna during one of her performances and wanted to collaborate. Since then they have spent a lot of time in the studio experimenting with different sounds and emotions within the realm of music. Now they are excited about their latest release Skyline, a song that is all about trusting the ways of life, even in the midst of a storm. 

Artist : Hanna Vox
New Release: Skyline

Music Genre: Alternative/cinematic
Vibe: Cinematic and epic
Located in: Gothenburg
Sounds like: Adele, London Grammar, Lana Del Rey
Release Date: 22th of July 2022

More about the artist :

‘Skyline’ by Hanna Vox is filled with majestic drums, powerful vocals and angelic harmonies.

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