Portugal-based music producer, mixer, and audio engineer MDMelo is aiming to get to your heart with this new EP series.  Along with Francis as the singer-songwriter for this project, Miguel Dinis on guitars and also the voice of Miss B., 2021 will be flooded with projects using this combination.

This song was probably the highest challenge I have ever had and a big “performance” risk when I decided to compose and create it. I wanted something musically that stretched my limits 360 degrees. Once collected, I could not imagine the lyrics in my brain or how they would fit into the music, but Francis did beautifully. Using his soul smooth and calming voice, he offered the harmony of a true love story. ‘Love Like This‘-In the Moment EP #8 ‘from producer MDMelo and the incredible vocals of Francis, is a track that makes you drift away for a while with a video involving a straightforward set of a Grand Piano and contemporary dance, meticulously mixed and mastered due to its instruments and composition complexity.

IN THE MOMENT – EP project reached its end with this track, but we decided to create a BONUS Track under development. This was an overwhelming one-year project, and now is time to stop and prepare the second EP, which will be the follow up of this first one, in the same style and groove.

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