A head of his upcoming concept Album ‘ Getting Closer”, Njordlyd releases a new EP called “Interlaced’ with a glimpse of what’s ahead. The EP offers two singles for preview. Dark Ride (track one) and Interlaced (track two). Both tracks will be on the upcoming album “Getting Closer”.

The music is expansive and powerful. ‘Dark Ride’ sounds foreboding like the landing of a space ship or the arrival of Aliens, like something from a thriller movie while Interlaced seems to bring that feeling of peace after the horror ends. I think the artist choose two really interesting singles to appear together as they are so different challenging you to think about what may be ahead.

Review by Jacqueline Jax

“Dark Ride” is an alternative and slightly darker version of “Circles”. It is much shorter, more minimal and has a sort of “dusty” and organic feel to it. It is “reshaped” based on sampled and stretched pieces from the original track and further combined with additional samples, effects, etc. 

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New Single ‘Dark Side’ From Interlaced EP By Njordlyd