Artist: Nicke Holgersson
New Release: Crispy Colors
Genre: Smooth Jazz

Sounds like: : Mezzoforte, The Rippingtons, Jazz Funk Soul, Brian Culbertson

Located in: Stockholm, Sweden

This is a groovy smooth jazz instrumental tune with a full band and a horn section. It’s a tune that will make you feel good. This is Nicke’s second smooth jazz release and it defines pretty much the type of music that is close to his heart.

The Artist..

Nicke is brought up in a music family, Both his parents and his three brothers are all musicians. Nicke started to sing and play instruments in very early years and has played many different instruments during the years e.g. trombone, bass, drums, violin, piano.

In his midteens, he started to compose music and the rest is history. Nicke has played in several bands. He had a band together with his friend Ingemar Åberg playing fusion and smooth jazz where they composed most of the tunes together. However, it took quite many years before he released his debut single. During 2019 Nicke has released four singles, and there is more to come. For now, Nicke has released instrumental songs in smooth jazz and neo-classical genres.

Nicke gets his inspiration from many types of genres e.g. jazz, classical, Westcoast, AOR, gospel etc. He does not want to get stuck in one genre but rather be open to compose and produce different styles. If you check him out on Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal you can find that his singles represent different genres. However, if he would to pick two specific important genres where he gets a lot of inspiration it would be smooth jazz and Westcoast pop.


At the moment Nicke is quite successful with his release “Crispy Colors” that it is being aired on radio stations around the world. He is also in the beginning to compose and record a full album to be released next year.


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