Band Name: West Evelyn

Name of song: Pop Another Bottle

Genre : Hip Hop, Rock, Country.

Versatile, traditional, and talented are just a few words to describe Titus Styles. This Detroit native is a master of puns, punch-lines and wordplay. With such an arsenal of skills, Titus has made a name for himself as a talented comedian, rapper and live stage performer. As a rapper, Titus is passionate about the preservation of rap not only as a genre of music but also as an art form. Titus is a stickler for lyrical content, meaning and impact on his listeners. He delivers lyrics and styles that appeal to both young and old listeners. Growing tired of the same predictable ideas and subjects, Titus sought out inspiration. Nothing was more inspiring than the 2016 election. Hearing the rhetoric of Donald Trump claiming to “Make America Great Again”. Knowing that America was already great, Titus turned his attention to music. In the summer of 2016, Titus began working on his latest masterpiece “Make Hip-Hop Great Again”. The album gives a taste of all things current and from the past. The ladies will enjoy the classic yet unique take on the slow jam “Let’s Chill”, while songs like “High on You” and “Get em’ Hotter” gets everybody bobbing their heads.