Insurance (Rain Reprise)

Travel along side Luke Domozick as he weathers the storm with his authentic single “Insurance”.

The song reflects growth and maturity from this artist as he dives into a deeper and more soul-searching lyric while pushing his musical boundaries with a collaboration including new arrangement by Nate Christy who also played guitar and Dan Pridle on cello, bass, piano and organ. This song is aimed at anyone feeling alone and lost in a relationship, family, marriage or friendship. This is a new journey for the artist in creating with professional, full band musicians!

I am anxiously awaiting to see how far Luke can push his musical boundaries as he embarks on this huge step forward with his music.

Get the song now:

Artist quote: “This is the first song of a full album I’m recording right now! Last song released was “Whisper”, its a haunting song and is in the running for Grammy nomination”


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