cARL aNDREW releases a song book collection about love and life. You can expect to enjoy sticky choruses, driving beats and a heartfelt lively vocal from his collection. I enjoyed this artists spirited guitar arrangements and piano intros. The album has a fun feel with most songs pushing you out of your chair to get up and dance. The ballads cover love and desire with two special Bonus tracks about the life of a street musician and an Tribal Magic Man. The song book, “Until Now” is definitely one to be enjoyed and appropriate for all audiences.

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A Love Song
With a harder vocal edge, piano with an attitude and rockin’ guitar,  cARL aNDREW sings about love with a rock twist. Not the usual ballad as the title suggests, it’s more of a get up and dance vibe that will get your feet tappin.

How Many Times
A beautiful piano driven ballad with a soft yet edgy guitar and sticky chorus. The song calls to love from the heart in a way that leaves the listener wondering about the end of the story. Will his love come home? You’ll have to listen for yourself to see.

I Want You
Starting out with a rhythmic driving beat accompanied by Guitar, “I want you” is certainly a song that makes you feel like taking a long drive down Pacific coast highway in Summer time. It’s warm and lighthearted with a fun spin.

Take me where I stand
A talented pianist in his own right, cARL captures a sound that does have a slight not of Elton John with an mid-tempo tune, hot piano and catchy lyric. I would love to see this one live.

Together Forever Kind of Love
Restoring that authentic sound of the 80’s songwriters like Tracy Chapman, this song has a thoughtful lyric that leaves you contemplating love as it ruminates a great feeling of connectivity between two people. This would be an amazing dedication song to mark the authenticity of any relationship.

You’re almost there
the artist seems to be entertaining his audience with an inspirational message of encouragement like music muse.  The song has a kind spirit and supportive message.

Magic Man
The black sheep of the album is surprising. Beginning with a tribal chant that leads you into the story of a village magic man accompanied by a gleeful steppin’ piano. I almost felt this Magic man walking down a road with a spring in his step.

Last Buskers Song
cARL aNDREW infuses this song with a country twist. The vocal and arrangement is warm perfectly pairing with his story line that talks about life of a street musician.

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