Weston Simonis – Party Life!

Weston Simonis is a music artist from La Grande Oregon.  A pop/rock artist making his way around the world on social media and radio.  His last music video Yoga Pants has got quite the reaction on many radio station and social media. 

Weston Simonis is also the an award winning artist of 2016 for his album Moments of Intoxication at the International Publisher Awards for the best Indie Alternative Rock album of the year.  After many years of performing and writing music Weston Simonis has now won his first music award and throwing this song call Party Life! out there because to remind everyone about the good times.  This is Weston Simonis first Pop/ Hip Hop/ Rock song. 




What Jacob Aiden from Jamsphere Magazine has to say about Weston Simonis. “For those who’re still unfamiliar with Weston Simonis and his wide range of musical styles, this is a very special talent. A native of the Grande Ronde Valley, Weston is difficult to pin down to one or two genres. Some might say he’s all over the place. I say he has the special ability to play Blues, Rock, Funk, Metal, Punk and any progressive thinking crossover music at will. Listening to his award winning album “Moments Of Intoxication” has reminded me that there was a time when you could hear all types of artists on the same radio station. Now it seems every station is so specific to a particular genre. Weston seems to break these musical label walls down and just play from the heart and soul. There is a full range of styles on this album that could cater to many different audiences”.

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