Just when you thought we would have to miss out on something spectacular in 2022, The Weeknd steps in to inspire us with his brilliance. This is great news for the indie music world as many artists take their inspiration from this Canadian songwriter / pop mogul.

Today you’re not only going to get a taste of The Weeknds creative genius, you’re going to get out hit list of new music that just arrived. Some of it that is already taking inspiration from the latest trends in 2022 music.

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Featured artists:

Artist: SWATS
New Release: 808

Genre: Dubstep, Pop
Vibe:: Sexy, chill, intense
Located in: : Charlotte, NC
Sounds like: : Tory Lanez, Drake, Kendrick Lamar

808 is about how the song makes you feel as it surrounds you with its full bodied bass and complex Hip-hop inspired rhythms. 808 was written to sound sensual; to remind listeners of intimate moments they’ve had or longed for with someone they desire. This song was purposefully created to parallel that feeling with that of creating something sonically that others love to hear. Wordplay is strewn throughout in such a way that one listener may reminisce about the taste someone left on their lips while another may interpret a line to mean they appreciate someone’s taste in music. The goal is for each listener to connect to the song in their own unique way.

Artist: Doctor Lincoln
New Release: Don’t Let Go

Genre: Pop Rock
Sounds like: : John mayer, Young the Giant, j p saxe
Located in: : Kerala, indiaê

Pop Rock single Don’t Let Go by Doctor Lincoln is a song about love and loss and asking for help in the midst of the resultant severe depression.


Artist: Nico David

Song: Walking on the Moon (remix)

Genre: Dance Pop

Mediterranean born songwriter Nico David has a modern pop soul sound filled with expressive authenticity.


Artist: Despotem, Subspace, Adeline Um
New Release: Do I Wanna Know

Genre: Pop

Subspace is an Award winning music producer/ DJ from Kolkata IN.

Artist: AVIVA
New Release: Broken

Genre: Electro Pop

AviVA is based in LA and pulls depth from themes like control and isolation. Her unique blend of Alt pop rock with an emo sound has strong roots in an outsiders centric niche.

Artist: Chanidu
New Release: Kyrie Eleison

Genre: Christian Contemporary

Vibe:: It starts with a mellow intro then to a memorable verse that ushers in the pre-chorus and chorus strong enough to keep up the tempo.

Located in: : Edison, New Jersey, USA.

Sounds like: : A unique voice that reminds each listener a similar artist they have listened to.

Chanidu New Single ‘Kyrie Eleison’ stands before God on the judgement day