Artist: Jet Set Future

New Release: VICE

Genre: Alternative, Indie-Rock, Post-hardcore, Punk

Sounds like: : Best Coast, Pvris, No Doubt, Bloxx, Wavves, Foo Fighters, Paramore

Located in: Plymouth, Massachusetts United States of America

This release is important to our music direction because it shows you a foreshadowing of what’s to come on our Full Length. But without giving you too many details. We can be poppy and peppy. We can be dark, we can have a feeling like you’re relaxing on a beach, we can also add a sense of classical.

This song is a nice Blending of Beautiful vocal melodies with a Lead bass, loud drums, and powerful Catchy guitars. All of our influences are very unique, and bring many different elements to our songs, some of our influences, just to name a few are, No Doubt, Converge, Prince, Kiss, Killswitch Engage, Dokken, Hillary Duff, etc.

This song, in particular, has a post-hardcore, chill feel. Nice two-step beat, followed by a hauntingly beautiful vocal pattern. It’s about waiting for the right person to come along, and all of the struggles, and heartache that comes before it. It’s an important song to us because it shows how diverse we can be, while keeping up the ever-changing landscape of music today. The impact this song can have on you is to show, that a song can be uppity, powerful, sad, and relieving all in one. Like telling a story with music and the perfect lyrics over it.

We do this because…

 it’s what we love to do. Most of us have been doing this for most of our lives. What we love about performing, is just being able to entertain the people in front of us. Whether it’s 5 people or 500, we always give 100%. The thrill of just knowing that we’re sharing our music/art with other people is truly a monumental accomplishment that we’re extremely proud of.


As of now we’re finishing up and putting our final tweaks onto our first Full-Length album. Next, we will be working on a music video for our next single.