Artist: JB Music

New Release: Times Do Change

Genre: Rock/Funk

Sounds like: Heart, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin

Located in: Boston, MA USA

The song is about a person slipping away in life due to having (what seems like) nothing but a string of bad luck. This person turns to partying and believing there’s no way up but as a positive message to all ‘times do change’ if you want them to, we can all, at least try, to make a positive change in our lives!

Tell us about how this single came together.

We really would just jam out some chord progressions, definitely feeling some old school funk/rock, listening to The Chili Peppers and James Brown at the time!

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Right now we are…

 Having fun recording original songs we wrote a few years ago….better late than never! We’re excited to be able to share our music all over the world, and we hope more people like our music, instead of disliking our music lol!

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