Artists name: Jae Cabrera
1. What is the 365 video about? When did you start it? #1songadayfor2017 are daily posts of cover songs I perform. Every Wednesday, though, I perform one of my own songs. I started on January 1st and have managed to get almost all the way through.
2. Why did you start it?
I wanted to find a way to bring some exposure to myself as an artist, and also share my love of music and singing.
3. What have been the challenges to get it accomplished?
I think song choice is probably the most nerve-wracking LOL! I try to keep it as spontaneous as possible, depending on how I’m feeling that day.  I’ve done theme months like 80’s, 90’s and Love Songs, which make it a little easier.  There are so many great songs to choose from that even then, it’s still a challenge!
4. How do you stay motivated?
My love of music and performing keep me going. I also appreciate everyone that has been following on Instagram.  Their energy and support also make it that much more fun to do.
5. What have you learned?
There are people that like and are interested in what I’m doing LOL! On a more serious note, as an artist, consistency and content are key. And, you have to have fun with it!
6. When is your expected end date?
Well, December 31st would be #365.  I’m thinking of keeping it going with #1songadayfor2018  What do you guys think??
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